Magic Mountain Detox - Julia Moton

The L.A. based yoga teacher and Clear Light healer Julia Moton and the green smoothie and travel experts Cindy and Nancy Bachmann, Founders of Los Angeles Cold Press, offer Mountain Detox Retreats in Bad Gastein including Morning Sadhana, L.A. Style Kundalini-Yoga, meditation, Juices, smoothies, superfoods, herbal detox tees, healthy food, spa detox treatments, Clear Light Healings and hiking in the fresh air of the beautiful mountains.

Christina Lissmann met Julia Moton and Nancy Bachmann for an interview in Berlin.

Christina Lissmann: Julia, you empower and inspire people all over the world with your healing sessions and Yoga retreats. What is travel to you?

Julia Moton: I like the excitement right before traveling and than the feeling and vibe of new places and meeting new people. All the unforeseen adventures which usually bring great surprises and in the end a deeper trust in everything. It gives you also fantastic stories to share afterwards (she smiles).

For me travel also means freedom, lots of joy and relaxation, time to let go, to be and to grow, sometimes riding the big wave, enjoying the moment and feeling bliss. My absolute favourite is watching sunrises and sunsets anywhere in the world. Iʼm in awe every single time!

CL: Your attitude is described by many as a particularly positive attitude and your appearance "an angel" – how do you reach this special aura?

JM: Oh, well that is truly a beautiful complement! Normally I would be a bit shy about such statements, but answering truthfully, I believe what people may perceive or feel when they’re around me is that I am speaking to them from my heart very authentically.

Along with that I think that the Clear Light Healing, Kundalini Yoga and a meditative practice really puts a sort of glow around you :-)

CL: What is so special about Kundalini Yoga, why did you choose this path, to teach Kundalini Yoga?

JM: Kundalini Yoga is important to me because it’s a period of time in which I can connect and truly be present and all the everyday stuff falls away. During that time I just am. I can experience my full being.

In retrospect, I can see that I didnʼt really choose to teach it, the teaching chose me. I knew it in the first moment of standing in the Kundalini yoga center, Golden Bridge Yoga (Los Angles). I felt a huge energy all over my body and a clear voice within me said “this is what youʼre here to do”. Three months later I started the teachers training course and couldnʼt wait to start teaching (she smiles).

CL: You're working so successfully for several years now as a Clear Light Healer - what would you say to that?

JM: I think the depth and purity people experience with these healings is a driving force why Clear Light is received so successfully. People share their experiences with one another and when a profound healing takes place, their life changes for the better or even miracles happen, they of course want to share it with family and friends who may also need help. It becomes a domino effect. I just allow myself to be a conduit of that pure light energy and once I sit down to do a healing it flows through me.

CL: How did you get into this kind of healing?

JM: Years ago, while suffering from a severe auto immune disease I was praying to heal myself from. Then one day I woke up and cancelled my evening teaching class for no particular reason. A few hours later the reason popped up. I received an email that read a healer was in town showing you how to heal yourself. That evening I met Mielle Vietor, the founder of Clear Light Healing. A few days later Mielle gave me a healing, initiated me and trained me privately within 4 hours. After that the said: “Go home, heal yourself and then share your gift with others and bring Clear Light Healing into the world.” Within 2 weeks I healed myself, started my journey to become a healer and began traveling the globe. Itʼs truly been quite an adventure and a big blessing in my life.

CL: In Your retreats also a lot healing energy flows in the yoga sessions - in what way?

JM: Yes, I do set out to design these retreats in such a way that you will go through a deep cleansing of your mind, body and spirit. A powerful force can come through these yoga sessions and touches each individual in a different way, invoking their own healing process in whatever way they need it. As a Kundalini teacher you are there not only to lead the class in the exercises but also to provide a loving, safe space for the students to open up to the possibility of healing their lives. So I become a neutral channel for these teachings and therefore the highest healing energy is allowed to come through.

CL: You also offer Healing Circles - what happens there?

JM: The healing circle provides a space for everybody to come together for more of a group healing experience. These types of healing sessions are very powerful because when you bring a large group together it collectively elevates the healing energy in a circle. The people come with an intention for themselves but often also request to heal something for their loved ones who are not present. There may be 20 people in the circle but really there could be 100 people who are actually getting a healing just alone by the intensions of the participants. Or you could even join the circle from wherever you are in the world and receive the healing energy that way. You don’t have to physically be there.

The ones who are physically present lay in the circle and I bring them into a deep relaxation. Then I go around and touch every ones head and offer their heart to give them a healing.
It’s a deep experience for everyone.

People love it and come out of it eager to share what they felt. The sharing and bonding with each other is another part of the collective healing process.

CL: You also had already several retreats in Bad Gastein, what's so special about this place? What does the mountain air to us?

JM: Bad Gastein is such a scenic, mystical and beautiful place. I absolutely love the mountains and looking out at them brings me a lot of peace. As the Germans would say “ Die Bergluft ist so frisch!”. Just inhaling and breathing in that fresh air has a deeply cleansing effect on your all too active mind and helps relax, rejuvenate and restore parts of you that desperately need it. It’s the perfect backdrop for the yoga and healing retreats.

CL: How would you describe the energy in Bad Gastein?

JM: Well, when we refer to mountain magic in Bad Gastein we are speaking about that sort of magical mystery you can experience when visiting these majestic mountains. You have a great deal of respect for them but still feel safe and secure by their beauty and nature. This allows you to open up and feel liberated and free.

This is exactly what I aspire to give people who come to these retreats. At the end of it you should come out feeling more connected and alive.

CL: The retreats that you offer have a lot to do with transformation, in what way?

JM: My intention for the work I do is always to uplift you to your own highest potential and to heal past wounds and blocks that no longer serve you. The Kundalini Yoga and Clear Light are in itself like a transformative vessel and when combining that with your own intentions of shifting or healing something in your life, there is definitely a transformation that will happen. Also, I choose specific topics for the workshops to give you an immediate experience of inner transformation for that particular part of your life.

CL:Your Detox Retreat works on several levels, which elements play a role?

JM: A very important part of healing our body is what we eat. The importance of hydrating and healthy food is a big part of the equation. Food is a medicine. When you are eating healthy and nourishing your body, your mind is more clear and focused.

It allows you to be more open to the Kundalini yoga and healing on a deeper level. You become more conscious and your spirit can expand faster.
Also, being in an environment surrounded by nature, taking time to sleep and relax, going for a walk, reading a book, and enjoying time with the other participants have an effect on your happiness.

It helps you to incorporate these little things that bring you peace and joy in your day to day life and you start being more aware and kind to yourself.
All these above experiences stay with you and become a recipe for a balanced life style.

CL: You, too, have the green smoothies within the program - what is your recommendation for a detox-week?

JM: It truly depends on the individual. A cleanse is very personal and usually I would take the persons specific needs and goals into consideration.

Speaking from my own experiences in cleansing and detoxing, I incorporate a lot of cold pressed juices and raw food into my daily regiment. That is not so difficult to do for the average person that wants to at least shift his/her diet into a healthier direction. But if I do a proper detox week I usually just do the master cleanse or a week of the LA Cold Press cleanses or the cleanse given by Yogi Bhajan which is a recipe of mung beans and rice.
Also when on a cleanse I recommend doing it when you have enough time to rest since it brings up all sorts of emotional junk and the first days can be very tricky. Since you are taking away food you may want to pamper yourself with other things that bring you comfort. Like a massage or facial. Also incorporate some yoga and meditation to amplify the healing and detox process.

CL: Did you get any feedback? When are you coming back to Bad Gastein?

JM: The wonderful people who came were all very touched and of course that touches my heart above all. It makes these trips very rewarding when I hear, see and can feel how the people leave with big smiles on their faces and sometimes tears in their eyes that it has shifted and impacted their lives so much. Each individual story is so different yet the bottom line of fear, love, pain and happiness are always the same. These are remarkable people and it makes me very happy to hear that they all had a deep experience within themselves. They loved the wonderful 5star food, the amazing hotel, the majestic nature in Bad Gastein, the incredible detox juices by LA Cold Press and yes they did indeed love the yoga and the healing. I will be back end of summer to give another amazing, heart warming retreat! I can’t wait!

CL: How can we apply for you upcoming retreat?

JM: You can go to my website at: www.juliamoton.com and email me anytime at julia.moton@gmail.com

You can also follow my posts on facebook to find out my schedule where I’ll be traveling to next for future workshops and retreats.

CL: How could one prepare oneself for this?

JM: You really donʼt need to prepare but if you like, you can always start a few days before a big yoga workshop to eat lighter, hydrate yourself more, and formulate your intension on what you want to see change in your life after going through this type of healing experience. The rest will come naturally.

Clear Light Healing
Clear Light Healing is pure and immediate, directing the highest vibrational frequencies of light for physical, mental and spiritual transformation. These higher light frequencies are effective in a wide range of illnesses and resolve deep emotional and mental barriers.
Die sofort spürbaren Effekte von Kundalini-Yoga

Im Kundalini-Yoga nach der Lehre von Yogi Bhajan (1929-2004) geht es um Anregung und Verstärkung jener Energie, die als im Becken bzw. am unteren Ende der Wirbelsäule (Kundalini) ruhend angesehen wird. Erreicht wird dies durch intensive Atemübungen (pranayama), Körperhaltungen (asana), reinigende Übungen (kriya), Meditation und Chanten (Singen) von Mantren.

(BU: Säfte)
Kaltgepresste Säfte und Superfoods Smoothies
Superfoods werden kräftige, nährstoffreiche Lebensmittel wie z.B. Kürbiskerne, Rohkakao, Inka-Beeren (golden berries), Macapulver, Maulbeeren genannt, die auch ein hervorragendes Nahrungs- und Heilungspotential bieten, weil sie eine wichtige Quelle für Vitamine, Mineralstoffe, Enzyme und Antioxidantien sind. Aber nicht nur das, sie machen auch happy, vital und sexy. 

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